Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Sometimes Life

Sometimes life means realizing you've made an error and determining that the mistake won't be made again, and ending up consciously walking straight down the same inglorious path. 

Sometimes life means setting priorities and standards that resolutely must be met, and acquiescing in walking away from them temporarily.

Sometimes life means judging the motives of the inconceivable mistakes of others, and finding yourself in the same deplorable circumstances. 

Sometimes life means having a set schedule and following a solid plan, and somehow turning down an antithetic road.

Sometimes life means holding back how you really feel and taciturnly keeping emotions in check, and watching it all burst from the seems exposing your true heart. 

Sometimes life means confidently declaring your views and being strong in your convictions, and receiving an epiphany on the other side and humbly having to apologize. 

Sometimes life means letting go of the certain good in search of the promised better, and diffidently wondering if the good had actually been the best.

Sometimes life means expectantly taking a chance that you cannot afford, and learning how to apologetically scrounge for the pieces that are left.

Sometimes life means searching for souls who will know you as deeply as you desire to be known, and having to jump over your own foggy-eyeglass perceptions of those who are already within your reach.

Sometimes life means exhaustingly wanting to be it all and hold it all together, and eventually finding contentment in honestly letting it go.

Sometimes life means having faith in a path that leads to an unknown destination, and being grateful you listened to your heart instead of reason.

Sometimes life means trying hard to make yourself into the person you imagine you are meant to become, and finding who you really are when surrendering your preconceived labels for a successful you. 

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