Monday, 28 October 2013

Dr Seuss Book Party

I'm excited to share with you the food from my daughter's second birthday. I love themes and she greatly treasures books, so I used Dr Seuss. There were plenty of ideas on Pinterest. I wanted to keep it a little healthy with no pop or chips. I did all the decorations ahead of time, which my daughter found exciting. She kept saying "Wow!" at the balloons and banners. I loved when she looked at my Green Eggs and Ham cut out and declared, "I do not like Green Eggs and Ham!"

"I do not like Green Eggs and Ham!"

I prepped the food that day. I ended up behind because we had an accident and I was at the hospital with her dad that morning. So when guests showed up I had them chopping fruit and slicing meat and buns and icing the cupcakes for me. But it all worked. I just wish that I had more time to print the labels that I was short on, like a Grinch label and Green Eggs and Ham labels that I totally missed. But here are my results:

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas-- Grinch Smoothie. Spinach, banana, yogurt, and milk. It was a hit!

My Dr Seuss food table. Like my homemade cupcake stand?

Horton Hears A Who-- Horton's snack tray. Elephants love vegetables. And there is Grinch Dip in the back.

Hop on Pop -- For my label with the buns and spreads, they have a picnic with Mr Brown and Mr Black.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas-- The Roast Beast.

Green Eggs and Ham-- Minus the fancy labels.

Fox in Socks-- Three Cheese Trees. I saw lots of hanging or tooth-picking ideas, but towers worked (briefly).

One Fish Two fish-- Gotta have fish :)

The Lorax-- Thank you to a friend for bringing the Truffula Fruit.

Yertle the Turtle-- I went to buy blueberries and there wasn't any. Chocolate covered it was! And to the right is my Cat in the Hat banana and strawberry skewers that I didn't get pictured.

Cat in the Hat-- Red Velvet cupcakes (made with beets) with blue icing for Thing One and Thing Two.

The Lorax-- Truffula seeds (raisins).

Horton Hears a Who-- The elephant's peanuts.

And that is my collection of Dr Seuss birthday pictures. There were 10 children. We had a great time, with coloring, crafts, a book walk, and we watched The Lorax with popcorn (Hop on Pop-corn). By the way, my popcorn maker didn't work so I just microwaved the seeds plain in paper bags. Success!

In the end it was a very happy birthday. My birthday girl received many new books that we have already read over and over and over. I look forward to the next party. 

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