Friday, 25 October 2013

Acceptable Uniqueness?

Uniqueness. Unless you're some crazy over analyzer like myself, do you realize how many different areas this can encompass? So many things contribute to our make up. Genetics. Upbringing. Environment. Religion. Culture. Relationships. Temperament. Stressful events...

Uniqueness. There are obvious, easy to accept areas. Like what pleases the palate. One may favor basic, like a steak and potato, while another will appreciate something more piquant like an aromatic curry or a fiery salsa. (Frank's Red Hot? I put that sh*t on everything.) One may be indifferent to chocolate while another can't complete a day without quelling the need for a taste of anything containing cocoa. (If you have any tips on subduing the addiction that rages like a chocoholic monster inside me, I'd love to know.)

We are all different in our size and shape, from our height and weight down to the length and straightness of our toes. I remember a Sienfield episode where George stopped dating a Lindy because her second toe was too long.

We all think differently of fashion, television, religion, spending, pets, diet... And even if we find someone who appears to think the same, they still have developed different life filters and thought processes and somewhere along the train of thoughts, their train will take a different track than yours. Even two children from the same home have many dissimilarities. 

I am a people watcher. I am absolutely fascinated by the range of opinions and reactions and self perception people have. (The questions I'd love to ask sometimes, yet I have no place!) At work, I constantly see people who parsimoniously feel the world owes them, no matter who else it takes from. People who have every excuse for not taking responsibility for their own actions. People who aren't afraid to push to get their desires met. Likewise, there are other people who would hate to inconvenience others even just a smidgen, even to their own detriment. Then, there are those who want to know every imaginable detail of the steps they need to take before making a decision, sometimes never being able to come to a resolution. And people who let others push them around with no objections.

Every day there is the opportunity to roll our eyes at the action or opinion of another. Bit if we could get a play-by-play list of all the details that led to the moment (which is quite an extensive path), we may be able to have at least a little understanding. Or not. We can remain pretty closed and focus on the fact that our own reasoning is not being understood. Our self centered thought patterns can make us oblivious to the truths around us. (Ever had one of those discussions where the other isn't listening?!)

For me, my over analyzing can have two opposite effects. I can be critical and jidgemental. I can let first impressions block opportunities. Or, I can keep looking. Keep listening. Keep caring. And give people a chance. 

Because I don't care how absurd someone is in their ideas. They all have something to offer. I can learn from each one. I can probably enjoy each one if I give them a chance. 

So can you. You've probably missed many opportunities for a great interchange.

Or, maybe you are easy going and love all. Good on yah!

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