Tuesday, 29 October 2013

To Boo Or Not To Boo

Even though I see many wonderful costume, craft, snack, and decorating ideas, I refuse to create a Halloween board on Pinterest.

What is my problem?

For some reason, I have never been a fan of Halloween. Maybe my history of fear issues. Or maybe growing up insecure. My own memories are of walking around freezing cold to strangers' houses and then analyzing the goods for tampering.

I was so worried my daughter would be born on Halloween day. Which would have been perfect, with her beautiful orange hair. My adorable little pumpkin. Thankfully, she came into this world a few days after, in a completely different month. But still, I am a mom. And every year this comes up. What are we doing, or not doing, for Halloween?

I know people who've been adamantly against any involvement. Some have their reasons that they can explain. But many just oppose because they do. It is how they grew up or what were told they should do. Likewise, others see no problem at all and love every aspect. The majority have purely innocent, fun intentions. 

So, personally, I have to figure out my choice for something I'd be okay without. Every day I'm bombarded with things I find unnecessary. Television. Really stupid music. (Seriously, why do you like those words? Because someone else does?) Slutty magazines at the checkout. Fast food. My daughter has many influences.

And Halloween is one of them. Last week play group had a jack-o-lantern craft, witch and ghost play-dough cutters, and Halloween themed books. Every time we go out she points at the skeletons. As we entered the dollar store she was apprehensive about the big decorations and whether they were scary. I wouldn't be keeping it secret, that's for sure. 

I love dress up but hate how half the people want to dress around the theme of pain and fear and the other half wants to be slutty. Okay, it's not that bad. There are many cute bunnies and monkeys out there. My girl has been a winged unicorn repeatedly this last week. She loves her costume. 

I dislike the focus on candy. Candy has progressed from an occasional thing to an every day over consumption for so many people. And candy isn't what it used to be. It's not just some sugar and flavor. It's a chemical concoction that often pretty much resembles poison. So far my daughter has lived without candy. She knows fruit and whipped cream or a nice baked good make a great treat. I dread all the invitations for candy she will get. And all the people who will think I neglect her if I don't let her have it. Seriously, I'll be ruining her life

Which brings me to my main reason for not loving Halloween. Why do I have to do something just because someone else does? How many traditions and rituals do people follow when they don't want to, just because they want to fit in or not be seen going against the flow? They don't want to inconvenience or offend. We are so blind in our decisions. I dislike how the consumer industry dictates so much of our lives. Really, they do. I don't want to do something just because the candy and seasonal goods industry tells me that I should so they can make money. The big push to buy, buy, buy drives me crazy. I feel like society is a bunch of zombies following trends for the purposes of someone else's pocket book. 

If I want to do something I want to do it because it has substance to me. Because it blesses my relationships. Because I enjoy it. Not because someone told me to. Not because the retail, consumer, and food industries need me to. And definitely not simply because it is what everyone else is doing.

I like carving pumpkins and dress up. I love get togethers. I enjoy planning and decorating. I always appreciate photo ops. I want to be involved with my family and what they do. So, I am not shunning Halloween. We'll participate. And it'll be fun. My daughter will enjoy learning about something that happens every year in her culture. But we'll keep it low key. And every year I will have to revisit this question again. What will we do or not do, and why?

And I decided to start an Autumn Pinterest board.   

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