Friday, 15 November 2013

Deck the Halls

It's nearing the time to deck the halls for Christmas. The entrance and front room, at least. Which, for me, means taking down my daughter's long-lived birthday party decorations. We still have copious balloons and streamers hanging from our ceilings (I was worried the balloons would deflate putting them up a whole day before and they are still full a month later). Some of them are red, as the Dr Seuss party was red and blue. I could leave the red for Christmas. Red is festive and beautiful. 

But what else will I add? I have a young dog that likes to chew on things and I have a curious toddler. Nothing is safe! The dog ate my husbands dress shoes. My toddler drew on the computer screen. I'm thinking that the items on the tree are not going to stay on the tree. Obviously, the top is going to be a little more embellished than the bottom. Last year, my daughter had just started promenading on her two feet a month before Christmas. So the bottom of the tree only had a sparse few items. Which she frequently liked to try to take off and put back on the tree. She left the presents alone, though.

I regretfully admit that I haven't been too excited about sprucing up the house in the past because I was closed minded about what that meant. I wanted matching, magical, and methodological. My husband, on the other hand, wanted entertaining, extravagant, and enormous. Which of us do you think already went through parenthood? He knew how to make it fun, and I was good at ruining that. I would rather have a dismal nothing than an embarrassing tacky. Go ahead, you can roll your eyes at me. I do, too. Now, as a parent, I'm realizing that fun and full are great things. Important things, actually. Though, I will still have to draw a line. Right?

But, the point is, I want to decorate for Christmas. My sincere apologies to my wonderful step daughter for having to live with me through my transitioning period. Would it help if I said being a step mom and step grandma greatly improved my ability to be a good mom?

I look forward to my new little helper going through the boxes with us and picking out the amazing items that catch her interest. Right now, she really loves to exclaim, "Wow!!" She will say, "Wow, it's dark" or "Wow, the moon" or "Wow, a light". Imagine a slow wow with a very rounded mouth and big eyes. Another current expression of hers is the question, "What's that?" Oh, so many new things each season. Maybe we will go down to a second hand store and look through some more possible treasures. Then, together we will listen to carols and give our abode a yuletide feel. Green is my most cherished color and red is my husband's. And so it is easy to find Christmas things we like. Though, I tend to gravitate toward silver and he is attracted to gold. Does the rest of the world live with such differences? Soon, we'll have the opinions of the third as we get our home looking festive.

I am excited about next year, making home made decorations. I have fond memories of doing that with my Dad's wife. Popcorn garlands and paper hoop garlands. And so many ideas will be available to us online! Home made clay ornaments. Painted straws. Twine wrapped items. Paper mache... These are the things that excited me about becoming a mother!

Food and decorations. Stories and prayers. Family and fun. That'll be our Christmas. I'll have to somewhat skip the presents this year. Maybe one for the children in the family. But I'm learning that tight times really develop the focus. I was going to blog with a challenge to creatively wrap gifts with recycled materials or reusable things like tea towels. Every year I am so bothered by all the wasted paper and ribbon. But, I wont do a whole blog on that because I don't have a gift giving budget. And I know many others don't this year either. But there is always putting up a tree, getting together, eating (and eating some more), and being thankful for all that we have.

I have a home to decorate. I have friends to celebrate and have Christmas parties with. I have a little girl to watch treasure Christmas. We have a great church celebrating the birth of Jesus. And of course, there will be snow. No falling short in that area around here.

Every day I am growing. Every day has its struggles. I still can't eat solids and wont be having anything crunchy until the new year. But, it is going to be a joyous, festively adorned Christmas season.

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