Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Family

Yesterday was my daughter's third Christmas. At just barely two years old, it was the first Christmas that she could fully enjoy with all her senses. And enjoy she did. The twinkling lights reflected in her eyes. The fancy trees all decorated uniquely. The lovely music in all forms, including awe inspiring bells. The manger display that showed one of her favorite animal filled biblical stories in full dimension. The over abundance of food (and sugar). The precious time with family. Oh, and the gifts. 

Even though she still lacked full understanding of what was going on, she will probably be asking for Christmas for the whole month of January. (She has finally forgotten about the pumpkin patch.) And next year she will have memories that will add to the anticipation and excitement. 

The best part of the whole experience is watching her bond with family. To see her cautiously approach an uncle over and over and over again with curiosity. To see her randomly run over to her great grandmother, whom she does not see often, and give her a big kiss. To see her playfully greet one after another. To see her share food with others. Mostly corn. She can't get enough corn and even after three servings of her own she had to ask others to share.

I am so grateful for every person she gets to spend time with and I long for her to get to see so many more family members. She briefly talked to her cousin on the phone (the five year old asked her if she was still little). She Face Timed her sister and niece. She told her Oh-Oh-Oma that she loved her (she has decided that there is Oma and then her great Oma is Oh-Oh-Oma). Today we will call some more people, as yesterday just had too much. 

The morning with family over was so overwhelmingly exciting that it was very difficult to get her to go to sleep for her nap. (The new bed added to the dilemma.)  I had to promise her that after she slept she would go see her grandparents and uncles. Then, at bedtime, after all those hugs and kisses, we had the same thing. She just couldn't shut down. 

As I enjoyed company I couldn't help think of those who were lonely this Christmas. My grandmother was spending her first Christmas alone. Others couldn't even find reason to celebrate. I was reminded to treasure every moment with my loved ones. Even when the conversation lulls or when misanderstandings occur. 

Family memories in the making. And more to come. More hugs. More laughs. More delicious corn. 

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