Tuesday, 3 December 2013


After work, I picked up my daughter and we spent the frosty, dark evening driving around in an impromptu search for Christmas lights. She stared intently forward, waiting for the next twinkling roof line or brightly wrapped terrace or a glimpse of a bedecked tree shining out of a cozy living room. As we approached each display she would point and happily call out, "I see Christmas!"

At an extravagantly lit corner house we got out of the truck to face the biting cold for a closer look. "Wow!" As she analyzed the busy display, she declared there were zebras on the lawn. She wanted to go on the snow for an even better inspection and I told her we couldn't because it was not ours. She adamantly pointed at the driveway and said, "THIS way Mom, THAT'S ours."

What I love about toddlers is their appreciation of all levels. Across the street were three plainly lit trees. Even though she had just seen a bright display of numerous reindeer and sleighs, Santa and wreaths, snowmen and the nativity, she still asked to go see the trees. 

As we continued to drive down the road, I thought she couldn't get any more excited each time she yelled out, "I see another one!" But then she saw a large, lit up star. What an amazing site to see! She squealed with glee. After the star we rounded a corner and there was an oversize, blown up snowman. She insisted she had to get out to give him a high five. Give him a hug. Give him a kiss. Anything! She begged to stop as I slowly continued to drive. When I told her that we unfortunately could not touch it because it wasn't ours, she responded, "Well, I want to buy him!"

This girl learns fast.

At one point, there were lights at a few different houses on both sides of the road. She counted the houses. She pointed out the colors. She decided that icicle lights were raindrops. 

We definitely have a joyous Christmas tradition in the making. Lastly, we looked at our own lights. And then she ended our twinkle search by pointing to the sky and bringing our attention to the awe inspiring display of stars. Albeit a small display through the spatter of clouds.   

I can't imagine what she'll do if daddy puts lights blinking to music like he wants.

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