Tuesday, 9 April 2013

All The People There

What makes an idea turn into an action? We all have things we contemplate perusing. Why do some people have dreams and do nothing with them, while others push through obstacles and failures to make their dream happen?

I reckon there are many different catalysts. One of them, though, is seeing the possibility come to fruit in those close to you. If the people in your life consistently aren't following their dreams or pushing themselves then you may see opportunities as too unattainable. They will remain earmarked as ventures only for the super-strong, the rich, the privileged.

Likewise, seeing your loved ones and dear friends break through boundaries, risk failure, and reach heights they had once only longingly dreamed of really opens up possibilities. It brings things closer to achievable. If they can, then just maybe little ol' me.

I love being part of a church for a span of over a decade and a half because I have been able to witness some great men and women grow up and follow their destinies. Often there are discouraging setbacks. There are redirected routes. There are the critics and disbelievers. But I have had the privilege of seeing talents and opportunities develop and intangible thoughts turn into concrete undertakings.

And with all the different people in my sphere of being influenced I have made it to where I am. I am happily married because people in my life modeled relationships that worked through the rough spots to come out stronger. I write publicly only because of perusing blogs written by my own family and friends. I am physically active because of so many random people. A room mate I had once who had painfully tried to start jogging. A friend who joined the navy which mercilessly forced her to learn what physical levels she could reach. A coworker who accomplished considerable feats even after injury.

There are many more people who have formed my opinion of what is or is not possible. Much of it is subconscious. Little wavelengths going from them to me saying, "Look at it being done... There's a novel idea... There's another take." Every time you say "I can" you are not only benefitting yourself but you are increasing the faith, the imagination-capacity, the range of possibilities for another person.

Travel, writing, and trying new past-times have really increased in our era because we see it being done. We don't just hear about so-and-so's cousin's best friend's wife's brother traveling to Africa or seeing someone famous in concert. Seriously, there was a time your world was just the town you were in and a few people you knew and whatever small amount of experience each of those brought.

Then the world grew with easier transportation. Then the Internet opened the door for someone who wouldn't have, and seeing them opened the door for another, and hearing about them opened the door for another, and it just compounds. I have friends on Facebook who are now in Utrecht, Hamburg, Thailand. Then I have a friend who has tried giving pie making workshops. Another is an awe inspiring little balloon animal expert.

Not because they each got up one day and decided to give it a try. But because they saw other people do something new. The seeds were planted in them. They talked to people or watched videos or read blogs. (I got the balloon animal twister started and she quickly surpassed my ability.) We all grow in our connections, the little ones and the big ones.

Whenever I see an artist friend confidently contribute to a gallery show I am reminded that I promised my husband that I would create a painting to display in our house. When I see photo albums from those who scrupulously saved for a faraway trip it increases my faith that one day we can pull off an overseas holiday. When I see old longstanding friends enjoying time together I want to call up a buddy that I miss. Without people I just wouldn't.

Now too bad proper financial stewardship and efficient housekeeping and de-cluttering weren't discussed more openly amongst the people in my life. I really need some inspiration there. Nevertheless, I could easily google it.

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