Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dream Home

My husband is watching extreme homes. Well, not now as I started this blog forever ago and forgot to finish. Anyway, the one house was complete with a personal bowling lane and a high tech shooting range. The next house had a water slide into a beautiful pool surrounded by jungle. A little out of my league.

My dream home would not be to that extravagant level. I don't need a colossal abode. That would be more to clean anyway. More spots for clutter to fill. I don't want more than two toilets in my routine. Some of those homes have a shocking number of them! Like anyone, though, I have a list of things that I would love to included in our future home.

I would love a laundry room. Then my unfolded laundry that is still in the basket wouldn't be on display in our bedrooms. My partially folded laundry wouldn't sit out in the open, taunting me with its ever present reminder that I didn't fully execute the task. Again. I am sure some people do the laundry start to finish and end up with a completed chore. Me--not so much. Unfortunately, though, having its own room to let it amass may mean more frantic moments trying to locate a matching pair of socks while scrambling to finishing getting ready for work. Or pulling out a pair of pants and regrettably needing to steam out the wrinkles last minute.

In my ideal home this laundry room would be off the back door and contain a sink. Then, when my husband is fixing the vehicles or something else filthy and he comes in he can wash there. Without getting fingerprints on the front door. Without making the kitchen smell like heavy duty cleaner (I'd love for the kitchen counter and sink to be food prep only). Or without making a mess of the bathroom. I have issues there. (Issues? Me? Who would have guessed?) I like everything put away. I am annoyed that my husband likes his mouthwash and toothpaste and toothbrush out. But, he does use it daily so, sigh, there it can stay...

My second wish would be a guest room. Somewhere relatives could slumber when they come visit. My daughter does have enough room in her suite, complete with a bathroom and shower, but it must be shared with her large collection of books and stuffed animals (the bedroom, that is, not the shower). Separate guest accommodations would contain enough room for their luggage and bags. Somewhere private and tidy. Hopefully. It could end up as another place to store things. Then there would be the stress of temporarily relocating the conglomeration of stuff in order to welcome the visitors.

My third request would be a yard. Big enough to put a swing set. To play tag. To set up a tent and camp. To have a barbecue. To make snowmen. To maybe even build a playhouse. We have a playhouse on the front porch now. I love how my girl says "howse" while sticking her lips out in a pucker.

My daughter loves to be outside, as do I. The opportunity to easily exit for a few minutes or a few hours without packing up and going somewhere else would be marvelous. For now, we play in the street (car!!). We go to the park. We walk the dog or go for hikes. We head over to visit friends or relatives. We go for a bike ride. And soon we will go to the lake and go camping.

I don't really have much that I need. I want to move but I am actually more concerned about losing the things I love where we currently live. I am a little spoiled. I really appreciate having a dishwasher. It makes busy days and having company much easier. Though we'd probably keep track of our glasses better if we had to wash them by hand.

I am blessed to have a large bath tub. My daughter is basically playing in her little swimming pool every day. Before I had her I thought it was such a waste. Well, I still think it is but now it is being put to good use with an assortment of rubber duckies and boats and bath books. Her favorite activity is pouring water from one container to another. When her dad bathes her I think their favorite activity is to make a huge mess.

I love the vaulted ceilings and having two bathrooms and having all the doors protected by a covered deck (we can experience large amounts of snow here). I love having a built in book shelf off of the ground and farther away from little fingers. I love having a boot-room front entrance and a walk-in closet in my room. Someday we may relocate to something better but I won't know until then if everything will be suitable. Change is always good and bad. It always requires some adjustments.

So, I don't think I'll have a pool. I don't need a wine cellar. I have no use for a theatre room. Though a men's room would be great. His own tv spot where he could eat on the couch as much as he wants and lounge in smelly work clothes. And for me, a splurge would be a nice, cozy little reading nook with a roomy window to let in the sun. Not that it would change my reading habits. I can read anywhere. In the bath or bed. Lounging on the couch. Sitting on the step. Or down by the river.

Another blessing of my home. It isn't too far from the river and some beautiful trails with many spots where I love to read or stretch. My future home should have that accessibility as well. Oh, if we could have just what we want! Hmmm, I don't know how that works when there is more than one person involved. What would my husband want? That would be a whole different story.

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