Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Thanks For Your Time With Us

Today I spent a few refreshing hours with a friend. We looked at artwork around town and enjoyed lunch. (Well, enjoyed minus the excessive annoyance of wasps.) The other day I spent a few hours with another friend going for an invigorating hike. That day was pleasant because it was cool and there were no bugs. Just the crazy, giggling bug in my pack who kept stealing my hat. Friday night we went out with another friend watching a movie in the park. Though it rained on us we started and ended with a nice little chat. Ah, conversation. Like vitamins for my soul.

It feels good to be social. A good that effects my ability to function at my best (along with chocolate, exercise, and prayer). I greatly appreciate these opportunities, as sometimes they sadly become few and far between. Both me and my munchkin don't like to be cooped up. She'll hound me, "Go bye-bye. Go bye-bye." Many times we have a spontaneous outing with just the two of us. It is sometimes difficult to coordinate with the changing moods of a toddler. And apparently, for the majority of people, it is very difficult to follow through with plans.

So when it does happen I am grateful. Grateful for adult conversation with expanded vocabulary, though I am so proud of how many words my daughter can say. And I am grateful for those who accept me and my attending tireless mini-me as a package. She increases my value, for sure. But she has her set backs. And so I appreciate what I can get.

It takes more patience, as getting anywhere is much slower with a curious child. Mommy, up. Mommy, down. Mommy, look. Mommy, again. My friend covered much more ground in her Art Walk today in a following small allotment of time than we did together.

Forgiveness is required for my intermittent attention, as I redirect curious hands or listen to cute comments from my little sidekick. Or take her aside to change her because she just peed on me in public.

Thank you, my friends, for giving us your precious time. If you don't mind hanging with someone peed on, we can still make great company. Maybe next time I'll pack myself extra clothes as well.

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