Monday, 2 September 2013

Clean Complain... Again

I am inconsistently neurotic. I hate germs (I am trying not to fear them, actually). I hate dirt. I hate stains. I hate rust. I hate mould. I hate fowl odours. And I think about getting rid of these things too much. But I get caught up in one area and another becomes a mess. And I have other things, like relationships, that need to be a priority. I definitely need to be more efficient. Way more efficient.

Before I got pregnant we were trying to adopt and we had the social worker come to check our house. As we sat in the living room she looked around and noted it was was tidy and that in order to keep it clean with a child I would be cleaning at least an hour a day. I remember thinking, so, that's nothing! An hour seemed feasible, even easy, especially during maternity leave.

Fast forward three years and I think, she had no idea what she was talking about. One hour? I WISH!!

Some days off I spend an hour on floors alone. Then there is the mess of dishes after my cooking (I can't fathom the enormity of the task without a dishwasher). Add that to other necessities like brushing the dogs and never ending laundry. And this is just upkeep and not even a cleaning day.

When my daughter helps cook, like corn chowder and energy balls the other day, I have to clean up quite a mess. An hour a day? Really?! And I don't even have near the results I would like. Clutter left in lieu of play. The day do day takes so much time (floors, again?!) that the deep cleaning gets put on the back shelf. Often to be tackled in the middle of the night with a burst of energy.

Only to be dirty the next day. Oh, the joy of two large dogs and a toddler. I know I've commented on this before. But I think I am still in shock. I have a history of laziness and being incapacitated by fear and so productivity wasn't my nature. I've heard women complain my whole life that it is never ending and they are under appreciated. But now reality is hitting me. And I end up taking time from sleep for things I'd like to do.

Don't get me wrong. I am definitely not bragging about the time I put in. Oh my, no! I am messy, I think. I procrastinate way too much (I'm about to start housework now, for the last half hour, you see). My house needs a lot of work. Each person has their own idea of what places need to be clean in order for them to feel like they succeeded. Some feel the house is filthy unless the floor is spic 'n' span. For me, that would be a lost cause. For others it's the dusting or the fingerprints.

I feel the bathroom and kitchen counter need to be clean. Daily. I feel gross in a home where these are not looked after (and public bathrooms I abhor). Once they are done the rest of the mess is bearable. I'll get to the laundry... Eventually. I'll wash the fingerprints that seem to accumulate... Next time. I'll get the fridge...Some day. But the bathroom and food prep area I can be a little neurotic about.

I would like to be neurotic about everything, but my husband wouldn't enjoy that. My daughter wouldn't enjoy that. And really, neither would I. Washing the floors every single day would take time away from other good and necessary things. You just got to accept turmoil sometimes. And dirt. Life has dirt. And germs. Ick.

Bad odors though, they drive me crazy. I detest when I have to take precious time to eradicate them. Rust and mould. I'm not going to be okay with them. I am a big girl. But I gotta draw the line.

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