Sunday, 8 September 2013

How Will We Do Two?

Currently, I am enthusiastically researching birthday party ideas for my daughter's second birthday. (Two years old! What!?) I love parties. I would love to have a themed dinner every month, or more. I enjoy planning, creating, cooking, decorating, entertaining. I love costumes and games. But, I savor procrastinating and many other distractions as well, on top of the insecurities about people in my home, and so this ideal party life never happens.

But celebrating the birthday of my precious, rapidly growing munchkin is an opportunity I cannot, and will not, pass!

Last year she had a successful time capsule party. Our small home was packed like a sardine tin with people bringing her items to show her she's loved and small tokens that represented either the year 2012 or 16 year olds. She received magazines and games and toys and pictures... (By the way, I'm still waiting for items from some special people in her life!) We had a photo booth to snap greetings to include in her capsule. We socialized and snacked and oogled over pictures of her first year.

This year, I considered inviting less people. Possibly sticking to the idea of a small group of her dear friends, like her fellow fair-skinned red-headed buddy, the young children she enjoys playing with from church, and the neighbor's cute little girl. But the more the merrier, right? She loves people. She says hello to passersby. She enjoys going to fundraisers and church and other gatherings. She likes meandering through the crowd at the market or fair. And it's her party! Better make it what she likes!

And that's where my theme comes in. My little bookworm fancies reading more than anything. We plan on sharing her joy with all our loved ones. So I'm looking through ideas on how to get the theme going. Book party, here we come! By the time Halloween comes I'll either be sick of the idea or beyond excited! Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Dr Seuss, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mother Goose... I shouldn't get into any brainstorming because that would ruin the surprise.

Costume contest? "Book" walk? The possibilities are endless!

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