Monday, 25 March 2013

ABCs of You and Me

My daughter loves Dr Suess's ABC book, though she can't understand why the camel on the ceiling is upside down and so she has to turn the book over.

I would like to share with you the ABCs of our life at the moment.

A- Apple. I should count how many times in a day I hear this word. Not only does she love them but with the possession of Apple phones she sees the logo and it lights up her face as she exclaims, "Apple!"
B- Banana. Yes, fruit is a big theme around here.
C- Cheddar Bunnies. Cute little crackers that bring a smile. I try to have some in my purse but she is starting to expect that and seeking them out. People don't appreciate a bag of cheesy crackers dumped on their carpet.
D- Dogs. She adores ours. Anyone have one that they'd like to introduce to my daughter? She can't get enough of them.
E- Eye. Please, little miss. Stop poking us in the eye. Yes, we are proud of you for knowing what it is called, too. But blunt contact is not necessary.
F- Finances. My toddler is oblivious to this part of our life. Thankfully. Nevertheless, it encompasses too much of my thoughts and needs to take more of my actions.
G- Grandparents. Kisses and hugs. Snacks and laughter. Love, love, love.
H- Hooray. Hooray. Hooray. Oh, I love how she says that.
I- Integrity. I have lowered a lot of standards like housework and healthy eating. But integrity is something important we have to demonstrate for our daughter and her future.
J- Jump. "Ready?" she says as she climbs up. Then, "Two, two, two". We count for her, "One, two, three, GO!" as she thinks about jumping and wants to jump, but then carefully steps down.
K- Keepsake. Her cute little shoes. Monkey themed toys and clothes. Meaningful gifts. Cards. Drawings. I think I will have to downsize later. But that's okay. You can throw out what you kept but you can't get back what is thrown out.
L- Laundry. I think with a child this is a given. Food all over herself. Falling in the mud. Baths every day. It gets washed but often sits in the clean basket for a long time. That reminds me. She emptied my bottom drawer into my dirty laundry basket yesterday. I better put it back before dad washes it unnecessarily.
M- Mum. I just melt when I hear this word. She likes to say it in a "Are you there? Okay, great" kind of tone that is sooo sweet.
N- Nursery rhymes. My munchkin loves Mother Goose play group. She tries to sing along. Well, not at play group. There, she is too busy socializing. "Tick-tock, tick-tock, I'm a little cuckoo clock."
O- Oooh! The moon! Oooh! A train! Oooh! A truck! Oooh! There's my dog! Oooh! My girl is so full of expression bursting from her seams.
P- Pear. Another favorite. She'll eat the whole fruit right through the core.
Q- Quiet. No, parenting isn't a quiet venture but this mom does keep forgetting to put on music (and doesn't watch tv) so sometimes it is probably quieter than it should be. See the letter X, though. The quiet is being fought.
R- Reading. Something she wants to do anytime of day. And I don't mind complying.
S- Splash. Puddles. Bath water. The pool. It is a very exciting activity. When is the last time you tried it??
T- Two/Ten. My 16 month old can't count past two but if you count 123456789 she will always say TEN.
U- Up. You're trying to chop veggies? Well, I need up. Wash dishes? I need up. You have to pee? Up, now. You're on the phone? Up, up, up!
V- Vacuum. Toddler+Dog+Husband= Messy. I have to vacuum every other day just so I feel like I have a clean enough floor to work out on. Oh, and clean enough for her to play. That is important too.
W- Walk. Walk the dog. Walk outside. Walk from room to room. Walk. Walk. Walk. Such sturdy little legs.
X- Xylophone. She has a little one from my cousin. She likes anything that makes a noise when hit. Pots and pans, especially.
Y- Yogurt. I like the Greek unsweetened stuff. It is so versatile. With fruit or oatmeal. With tuna or salmon. In a banana peanut butter smoothie. As my daughter would say, "Mmmmmm!"
Z- Zippers. Intriguing little things that show the amazing fine motor skills of my darling Curious Georgette.

Our ABCs will most likely change from week to week as she explores new foods and makes novel discoveries in her environment. Today, I think we'll take a walk by the river and see what she will "Oooh" at with her wide eyes and contagious smile.

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