Monday, 6 May 2013

Creation's Longing

Rivers of tears continuous flow from creation, mourning all the souls who never believed their potential. The wind persistently whispers words of encouragement to ears that won't accept the truth. Those failing to be inspired don't hear the consolation over their own incessant self talk. They focus on the lies that bring their own detriment.

A multitude of animals proclaim the mercy of renewal every glorious spring, reminding us to forgive ourselves and start afresh. The flowers bloom from nothing, attesting to the beauty sprouting inside everything, just waiting to come forth. The tree tops gallantly reach to the skies, praising the one who has given each of us a purpose. The dreaming stars twinkle each night in awe of what could be.

What could be. What is inside each and every one. Their own unique course longing for the opportunity to genuinely unfold. Begging for the chains to finally be broken, the walls to fall, the hearts to soften. Serendipity longs to creatively play without hindrance. Anticipation aspires to confidently toss trepidation to the side. Destiny begs for freedom to lead the way down exciting new paths without fighting the forceful, stealthy crush of self-reproach.

Time continually ticks on and on and on, watching wasted moments quickly accumulate. Opportunity keeps intently knocking over and over, crossing fingers that this time the knock will be heard over interminable distractions. The angels sigh as their magical touches falter. Their shimmering charm falls to the dust on the floor. A miracle brushed off as coincidence.

The earth explodes in frustration, letting off the steam of generation after generation of heartache and pain. The ground rumbles with exhaustion from the pressure. But life insists, hold on. Another kind soul will act. Another honorable heart will beat. The world continues to swell with abundant potential.

Keep whispering, cosmos. Keep creating. Keep praising. And keep your awe. What could be is not lost. Deep inside each one of them is a longing to be someone. A craving for more revelations, whether or not it is only subconscious. Keep encouraging the spirit inside them to overtake their existence. To liberally reconcile their hurt, their shame, their loneliness. To believe their potential.

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