Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What Was I Doing?

Sometimes I would lose my hefty head if it was not attached. Even a bigger problem than inadvertently losing things, I often forget what I was doing. I suppose I will blame thinking too much. I will be on my way, over-analyzing, over-listing, over-contemplating, then whoops, what am I doing? I will drive to work when I was on the way to the post office. I will go down the hall for something and come back after completing many tasks but not the one that had been the sole purpose for my excursion.

After having a baby this problem was tremendously exacerbated (to put it lightly). Sometimes I wondered how I took care of a baby. I was so tired and agonizingly foggy. It would slip my mind when she had eaten or slept. I had lost my marbles! It turned out that my thyroid had gone way out. Once I had that back on track I thankfully felt so much better.

My poor dogs are used to my diversions, and I think my daughter is learning the routine as well. Let's go... Oh wait, I forgot something. Give me a minute. There have been times I told my grateful pooch we would go for a hike or swim and two hours later I get a pleasant reminder nudge. I have ruefully missed get togethers that I fully intended on attending. I've killed many plants neglecting to water them. I have even forget to feed myself sometimes. The other day I went for a nine kilometer run and the betraying ache in my belly told me I had not eaten anything yet.

I live with a man who tends to be even worse in this area. So between the two of us, sometimes something important can be missed. If I focus and prioritize I am not too bad. I have to list what I need to do. I have to remind myself of what is important. Though I struggle with deciding what important is because I honestly want everything to be important--diet, home cooked meals, positive parenting, exercise, faith, relationships, reading, being creative, writing, growing, learning, saving, cleaning, organizing... I can get a little stressed, and very distracted, if I do not decide what is the most pressing. I have to ask God to help me see what matters most in the moment.

Tonight I misplaced my intentions again. I had a long, stressful day. I got up at six and traveled out of town with my toddler for an appointment. Followed by a business meeting that began right as I returned. Followed by putting my exhausted daughter to bed. Followed by a work out. It was ten o'clock at night. Time for sleep. I decided to have a quick shower but I was not going to wash my hair because it was too late to dry it thoroughly. Part way through my shower I ineptly realized I was washing my hair.

So here I sit, having to decide whether to attempt fully drying it now with a blow dryer in my tired state, or leave it until morning and have the lengthy process of fixing my medusa hair with a straightener.

Or, get distracted until it dries... Yup. Probably. Yawn.

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