Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mini-Me's Vocab

The reiterating vocabulary of my enthralling toddler is growing in leaps and bounds. This morning she was accurately comparing puddles. "There's a big one... There's a small one." She always declares on the road, "Watch for cars." (When running on a path we answered with the reply that there was no cars and so she exhorted us to watch for trees.) As I sat her at the table she unanticipatedly prayed, "Thank you for this food." She'll bless you when you sneeze and say excuse me when she burps. Such a sweetie.

She is starting to make believe and to tell rambling stories. She has discovered the joy of performing for a delighted audience. Her favourite presentation is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She is also demanding that others perform it for her. Whenever my mom phones the request is given. Daddy will be watching TV and she'll tell him to sing. Last night she beseeched her dad's friend, "Darcy, Twinkle Stars! Darcy, Twinkle Stars!"

I know over the next few years I will be revelling in the insight she comes up with. The mind of an observing child is so innocent and honest. At lunch yesterday we were in the patio of a restaurant with some family. My daughter was exploring and stood on a chair and I was asking her to tell me what sounds different animals make.

What does a dog say?
What does a cat say?
Meow. (Her rendition is more like eeeeaaah!)
What does a sheep say?
What does a rooster say?

Then I asked her, What does Daddy say?

She looked at me. She looked at Daddy. She looked at her audience. She looked at Daddy. Deep in thought. In hindsight this could have been a loaded question. She could have replied with anything and we would have had to explain. But her answer was innocent and oh so adorable.

I love you.

I don't know if she comprehends what those words mean. She earnestly tells us all the time. She tells her grandparents, her sister, her aunts and uncles. Sometimes she tells her stuffed animals. She tells the dogs. Especially Buddy. After she tells him, "Bad dog! Don't touch!"; because he sniffed her toy. Or, "Get out," like a little tattle tale when we are eating and he peeks around the corner.

Toddlers really make you aware of what comes out of your mouth. I see I am always bossing around the dogs. And I must frequently say okay. And don't touch. I say it. She says it. But it doesn't mean she won't touch. If I hear her call it out from another room I know it means that she is defiantly touching something. I went out to the camper and came back in and she guiltily ran at me, like she was trying to escape her folly, saying, "Don't touch! Don't touch!" I asked her what she was doing but then saw the drawer of the stove open. Just like she'll put her feet up and declare with a smile, "Feet off the table!"

Currently, after pushing her back so she will stop putting her feet on the table, she is eating watermelon while telling me extensively about something. I nod and smile. And thoroughly enjoy that she loves to communicate with me.

Next thing I know I'll have to be researching information because she will be initiating conversations about topics of which I am unfamiliar. She expands my world.

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