Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Amazing Things (According to a 20-Month-Old)

Toddlers can get quite enchanted and thrilled about anything. Everything is new to them and their understanding of their surroundings is limited. Something insignificant to us can be the highlight of their day. Today is was crows, bridges, firetrucks, and green peppers.

I love the uniqueness of growing little minds. Each child will focus on different wonders. My daughter has a few items she will always point out.

Sun. She sees the sun in many things. The spokes on a large tire. The tags cut out for a sale at the store (where she will point and repeat with joy for each new one she notices). One time we were traveling and there was a large water turbine on display as an art piece. The real sun reflected on the bewitching surface and illuminated the metal. My daughter was in awe. She couldn't take her eyes off of this alluring sun. She knows how glorious the sun is and I am grateful how much it shines in her fascinating life.

Stars. Which she always calls twinkle stars. She gets me to draw them daily, She sees them on the clothing of others. She catches the smallest star in an ad or on a sign. And when she glimpses the twinkling in the night sky she is captivated. We've watched a few movies outside at night and she is always distracted by the twinkling arrangement way over her head. Her amazement will most likely grow as she gets older and discovers how vast the heavens really are. We love to lay under the night display and stare at them and watch the occasional shooting star. I look forward to her first meteor shower experience.

Ball. She is so enchanted with this item that she already attempts to distinguish its use. She used to call them all B-ball but now she likes the addition of the type. Baseball, soccer ball, beach ball, tennis ball, bocce ball... The list goes on. If she doesn't know, it is a basket ball. She still often doesn't remember the difference, which is quite understandable. I love her desire for classification when she has no idea what is actually done with any of them. But we will have plenty of opportunity to help her grouping and understanding develop. We'll take a soccer ball to the field. We'll go bowling. We'll try the tennis court. The options are limitless. Just like her future.

Train. When a train comes rumbling along we have to stop what we are doing and acknowledge its passing. As it comes she declares, "Here comes train!" When it slowly chugs by she will wave and call out, "Hi, train!" When it is done and is no longer in her view she will ask, "Where'd train go? Where'd train go?" This large, long, noisy structure passes by every day. Who knows where it came from and who knows where it is going. How can something so immense and clamorous suddenly be gone? It is still so unfathomable!

Apple. This was one if her first frequently used words. It isn't just a fruit. This little, familiar shape can be seen everywhere. She sees it on the backs of lap tops and phones and declares its presence. She loves when she encounters it is random places. Of course, she also adores the crunch of the fruit. She has overdone it a bit and seems to be taking a little break at the moment. Now, in the edible sense, we have moved on to the raspberries that grow behind the house.

Dog. She is a dog lover. She has two great companions to bond with. They are her best friends. She calls out to them constantly. She makes up little games that they tolerate. They don't like the "Close The Gate On The Dogs" game, where she swings her baby gate shut so they can't push through and they are stuck waiting her release. The one dog she likes to tease extensively, to the point where at times I have to confiscate weapons (er, toys). Today she discovered tug-of-war as her and her buddy tore apart one of her play skirts.

Book. Her favorite pastime. Her most prized possession. She flips through the pages and tells a story. She points at everything and names the items. She travels long distance quite well as long as she has a pile of treasured books. I've already decided her second birthday will be a Book Party. She loves Dr Suess, Dora the Explorer, I Spy, Baby Einstein, Winnie the Pooh, Franklin, and anything with animals.

Barn. Bike. Plane. Door. Seriously, she likes to point out doors on houses. As she grows she'll keep some favorites and gain some new infatuations. Maybe she'll get into the typical ponies and princesses. Or maybe it will be bugs and trucks. I love seeing things catch her interest. My wish is that she will be confident to choose what she enjoys. I pray she will know what she likes and why and she won't be afraid of what people think.

I hope that she keeps a toddler-like love for life all of her days. The world is waiting for her to discover its numerous-as-the-stars treasures.

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