Wednesday, 17 July 2013

There Is Nothing Like...

There is nothing like...

My daughter's beautiful blue eyes intently looking at me. I am so over-taken in love.

Dark chocolate. Don't ever ask me to relinquish this habit.

A starlit sky. I could gaze at what I don't know forever. Maybe I should learn more about constellations.

Family time. Getting to know the people that, in spite of our differences, will always be connected to me.

The sound of the dishwasher late at night, when all else is quiet. I don't know why. It represents accomplishing necessary tasks before a good night's sleep.

A strong massage. The release of knots and tension in a way that brings on heavy eyelids and heavier limbs.

Clean sheets. Coooozy!

Obedient dogs. When they come the first time. When they stay when they're told. When they stop barking as soon as instructed.

A good book. The kind that keeps me up too late, before I even notice. The kind laced with history and emotion.

Sitting by a lake. Enjoying the images of mountains or trees, or both, swaying in broken dances on the reflective surface.

Road trips. Release from the day-to-day. Lost in the rambling thoughts or in the music while heading toward experiences and memories.

Answered prayer. An unmistakable turn around or much needed answer. A step forward in faith increasing the vision for the future.

Singing with my daughter. Listening to her interpretation of my words in a melodious accompaniment that thoroughly enjoys its release.

A genuine, know-what-they're-doing, home cooked meal. Everything fresh and full of flavour that compliment each other. And not under or over cooked.

A good run on a cool morning. Feeling the accumulated stress of life succumb to the exertion and be replaced by unfettered warmth and and vitality.

Conquering a fear. Stepping forth into new territory that was previously deemed unreachable.

A beautiful painting. An interpretation someone makes of their surroundings and allows to be freed from inside their spirit to be presented for others to understand or question.

Knowing someone cares. A genuine inquiry based on an honest desire to be part of something in an insignificant life.

A good night's sleep. Where the dreams don't reflect the stresses of the day but instead anticipate the joys to come... Good night.

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